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Love Thy Neighbor: Neighborly Acts of Kindness to Implement

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Everyone has neighbors, but not everyone is neighborly. Many of us fail to build trustful relationships with the people we live next to or near to, due to our own lack of efforts.

It’s never too late to be neighborly! Whether you’ve just moved into the neighborhood or have been living there for ten years, these acts of kindness are bound to win over your neighbors.

Cooking or Baking For Them

What’s a better way to be neighborly than by surprising your neighbor with a warm, freshly prepared, homemade meal? Whether it’s a platter of chocolate chip cookies, your signature lasagna, or a bowl of chicken corn soup on a rainy day, sharing food is a great way to show that you care.

It’s especially kind to take over food to your neighbor’s house in times of crises. For instance, if you know that they’re sick, have been swamped with work, or are going through a tough time, sharing food with them helps ease their burdens a bit. You can even invite them over for dinner at your home.

Image showing awesome app resultsOffering to Mow Their Lawn

Have you noticed weeds growing in your neighbor’s front yard? Maybe the grass seems to be messy and unkempt, with uneven patches here and there. Your neighbor has clearly not been able to attend to their lawn in a while, resulting in unwanted weeds and wild grass.

So, what can you do?  Offer to mow their lawn! For all you know, they may be going through a difficult time, or perhaps don’t have a lawnmower of their own to maintain their outdoor space. Offering to mow their yard is a kind gesture and communicates to your neighbor that they can reach out to you for help.

Being Mindful of Your Pets

If you have a pet, make sure it doesn’t harm your neighbor or their property in any way. For instance, if your dog keeps on barking all night long or growls at their child every time they step outside, they’re not going to be pleased. Similarly, you don’t want your pet to make a mess in their backyard either.

Remember, your pet is your responsibility. Don’t let it become a nuisance for your neighbor because of unchecked pet behavior.

Giving Them Some Space

Even if you’re on great terms with your neighbor, everyone needs some personal space. We all have our own boundaries and the last thing you want to do is overstep.

While it’s encouraged to make friendly conversation or and okay to ask them for small favors occasionally. Make sure you’re not overdoing it. Nobody likes hanging out with a person who keeps on talking or won’t stop asking them for one thing or another!

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