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Rewarding AWESOME People & AWESOME Videos

The Gift of Giving
There is a fun feeling we all get when we give to help support others. We want to help you to enjoy that feeling. Since the dawn of time, people that entertain sharing their artistic talents have been rewarded with gratitude from the audience. Awesome provides you with the ability to earn kindness koin$ to gift to reward those making family fun content rich videos.

Until now there have been likes, which is nice, but with kindness koins each koin is worth 5c US. You can earn Kindess Koins to give, free, by just watching all the fun videos and enjoying the interactive ads for new games. You can also invite friends and get Kindness Koins for every friend that downloads the app.

Gift and celebrate your friends and family with Kindness Koins with a special message of support and appreciation. When you receive kindness koins from others you can redeem for gift cards to all your favorite stores,shops,restaurants and apps like Amazon,Target, Walmart, Disney, delivery apps plus lots more.

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