It’s finally here!

Enjoy the Gift of Giving with Kindness Koin$ FREE As you enjoy watching videos. Get kindness koin$(worth 5cUS ea.)FREE to give to bless and reward others.

When received, kindness koin$ can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite restaurants,apps and stores. 

The more you watch, the more kindness koin$ you get to give.             


Enjoy Family Friendly TRENDING TIKTOK videos. Vote for the #1 Awesome TIKTOK of the year.    Each vote goes to Children’s Charities.

Share your favorite TIKTOK videos for voting.

Also, Create,Join and Participate in Family Fun Challenge videos daily or bless with supporting the videos and their creators with kindness koin(s).

Help raise money for the people doing good

You see them every day, now you can help.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be Awesome

Use Kindness Koins in Awesome to help crowdfund teachers, groups and charities helping them reach their NEEDED funding goals or enjoy a free dinner or coffee because they are AWESOME! 

Invite all the do-gooders that you know to Join Awesome & Share a video of their fundraiser so together we can each help give Kindness Koins to support. **When creating your video Fundraiser you can select for all who join sharing a video of your Fundraising challenge to spread the word -The Kindness Koins given to all joining videos will come to the original creator/fundraiser of the challenge.

Giving Gratitude is Good. AWESOME Gives the Gift of Giving

We all give likes to show support and appreciation, but what if every like you gave was worth 5c each? That is why we invented Kindness Koins to add to the ability to show gratitude and appreciation. Kindness Koins- are tokens used for voting on your favorite TIKTOK or gifting others. When you receive kindness koins from others you can redeem for gift cards to awesome stores like Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, Starbucks, Target plus all your favorite restaurants and restaurant delivery apps or dozens of charities or soon CASH out through PayPal (20KK=1$US) the conversion differs per country as well as the gift cards.

Get Kindness Koins to gift for free by watching all the awesome family friendly videos, “get more” watching rewarded ads, inviting friends or purchase as many as you like.

Creating Kindness Challenges

Enjoy sharing your videos from TIKTOK and other video sharing apps. We created the join button for you to be able to invite others to join in on what you are doing and creating. If spreading smiles and sharing kindness is something you believe in, join us on Awesome! This unique social network aims to harness the power of technology to help humanity. We can have fun making a positive change for a better tomorrow.

Whether you’re out on a grocery haul or hanging out with your friends on a Saturday afternoon, there’s a little something we all can do to put a smile on each other’s face. Engage in fun kindness challenges to do good in the world and share them with your friends and followers on social media to inspire them to join to do the same!

Earn points with every positive contribution you make. As you earn points the halo around your profile gets brighter and changes colors. Level up as your points grow. Exchange your points for animated upgrades to your profile in the virtual store.

The world needs more awesome people like you! Join us today!

Download Awesome today!