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Teaching Your Child Kindness: The Ultimate Guide for Parents [Part 2]

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Kindness is an Investment; Not an Expense

As we’ve said time and again, and showed through example as well, kindness is not an expense. It’s, in fact, an investment. Your motives don’t always need to accumulate financial gains. They can go above and beyond the utilitarian needs that we’re tempted to gratify.

Similarly, teaching this virtue to your children and including it in every lesson of your upbringing will reap greater benefits in the future. The deal is more than fair. Parents invest time, money and love in their children, relentlessly and unconditionally. But they forget to teach them how to be kind—to themselves and to others).

Here are some ways you can learn kindness and unlearn the lust for exploitative power and self-seeking interests.

Take an Interest in Family Affairs

Kindness, like all other virtues, begins at home. If there are any humans who deserve your kindness more than others, it’s your closest kin. Be kind to your family and take an interest in family affairs.

Be excited for your younger siblings, congratulate your parents on their promotions, be there for your grandparents even if it’s just to give them company, and be happy in their happiness. Teaching all this to an impressionable young child is hard, unless you show them how it’s done.

Respect Mother Earth

Kindness shouldn’t be restricted to humans. The Earth has been home to us for centuries and whatever we have today, has been built on the ground it offers. To be alive, have families, build a career and own a mansion, is all possible because we have a place to live.

Being kind to the soil we walk on and the air we breathe is the least we can do to return the favors this planet has done for her. Plant a tree or water the plants in your own garden or your vicinity. Don’t tread on grass if it’s still budding and don’t pluck flowers for no reason.

Care for Homeless Animals

Image showing social media platform networkThere’s not only a fraction of the human population living under the open sky; there are also hundreds of animals around without food or shelter. Rain or snow, these poor creatures soak or shiver out in the open without any way to protect themselves. As if the wrath of the elements of nature wasn’t enough, they’re also scorned and kicked by humans.

Showing some kindness to these animals is as essential to living a fulfilling life as helping a human. Hang a pot of bird food or put out a tray with milk and water for the cats. If you see a small kitten cowering with fear in the shadows in fear, take it in or leave it at an animal shelter.

Hear Out a Hurting Friend

Before you take offense at someone’s curt response or lash out on an angry friend, pause to think if there’s something bothering them. No one likes to scowl for no good reason; there’s always a reason validating their actions. Try to go deeper into the problem before acting impulsively.

Sometimes, people who are hurting only want to be heard. Lend them a sympathetic ear and there’s nothing kinder than that. Unless you start practicing this with people in your family and social circle, your child will never learn what it means to be kind.

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